Taking Over


I am taking over a website for my kids High School Boosters group…I did some website admin years ago and thought I would try and give them a hand…Other than logins and downloading then site to my local drive…I have no info…The folks that were “running” the site are pretty naive…So on to questions;

What do most folks use for management software? (I use Macs)

What runs on the server that can be taken advantage of? (php, etc.)

Is there a good source of reusable code? (I don’t want to rebuild the wheel)

Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated…Thx in advance.



What do you mean by management software? Do you mean a content management system? For a basic system I recommend WordPress. It’s very easy to use and also includes a blog system. For more complex websites, Joomla! or Drupal might do the trick. Drupal is harder to use than the rest but it is still very extensive.

PHP is needed for the CMS’es, and Perl is also installed.

A “good source of reusable code?” Using a CMS makes it unnecessary.