Taking over a domain


I am recently taking over someones domain for them from another web hosting company. I was wondering if someone knows about the following…

I will be hosting there account with dreamhost I have updated the dns records to point to dreamhost from where they where and I have also purchased an ssl certificate for them (have to install it still have not done that yet) but what I was wondering is at present they are handelling there own email system at there office. I know that usually with my domains at dreamhost I handle all the email so if I dont create any email address will this affect there email transactions or is there something somewhere that I have to forward information in the mx records (I dont know alot about email systems) just mostly about domains themselves. Or is there email system still going to work.

if dreamhost is the registrar for the domain, then you have to set up an mx record that points to their mail server. if the domain is registered through somewhere else, then just don’t change the mx record that they already have set up.

Thankyou for the reply, I didnt realize that it all goes through the registrar, but yes of course it makes sense thanks again.