Taking legal action?

I apologize if this is in the wrong forum but I’m new to the world of dealing with this type of thing and would appreciate some help because this is getting quite irritating.

Short Story: There’s a user who was banned from my site for breaking all of the rules: Cheating, Changing IP, Fraud, etc. She’s created 45 accounts using different emails and IP’s. She’s been giving abuse and now this… Click Here

Frankly, this is quite depressing given that this is not something I want to deal with. If you’re weary of this link, she’s essentially trying to hire someone to hack my site and my database OR launch a DDoS attack against the server it’s hosted on and that’s something I’m sure DreamHost isn’t happy about. I have this girls address AND her email.

The only problem is I’m British and she’s German.

I just need a little help :frowning:

Contact the abuse@dreamhost.com department here. It’s an attack on their servers as well.

I wouldn’t worry too much; that forum is pretty much considered to be a huge joke.

Ah, thank you andrewf. I apologize for the email I sent in that case.

Also, thank you sdayman, though I’ve not posted much I always lurk around and I always see you willing to help those who need help. So I just wanted to personally thank you for your efforts in helping others. :slight_smile:

I think abuse at dreamhost dot com it’s the best way… in any case I understand that in Germany there is a strong legislation that takes really serious the computer criminal activity (DDOS included), anyway I suppose a legal action would take time and money…