Tag Board error

Hi. I’m trying to install a tag board onto my site, but I’m having problems with the actual cgi file showing up. The rest of the files (forms) are working, just not the cgi files.

I uploaded them ASCII and CHMod them to 777 as per the instructions, but I keep getting an Internal Server Error when I try to view the page. If anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it.

The link to the page that I am testing the tagger on is:


You need to set the CGIs to 755 instead of 777.

If they are set to 777, other Dreamhost users have permission to edit your files. That’s NOT a good idea.

Dreamhost (like every other responsible web hosting company) has it fixed that CGIs won’t run if set to 777. If the script doesn’t work with 755 (which is pretty rare), you need to edit the script so it does work with 755.

Thx for the info. I CHmod the files to 755 and everything is now showing up, but the problem I am now having is that when I fill out the form and hit submit, nothing posts. I’ve tried everything I can think of…changing paths, etc…and nothing seems to work. If anyone has any suggestions, I would really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

There are all sorts of potential problems that can cause this, and without looking at the source code, there’s no place to start.

If you look at your own code too long, you get snow-blind. A fresh look sometimes reveals dumb mistakes. There’s a “send private” option on this board. Let me take a look at your source code, and I’ll see if anything "pops out"
as being an obvious problem.

will html and php files work if chmod’d to 750? or do they have to at least be world-readable for apache to access them?

I’m just thinking that with 755 anyone logged onto a dreamhost server could CD to my directory and read my php files (something I might not want them to be able to do)