Table problems

hey guys,
im designing a website for my temple and cant get this problem to go away- even though i specify that i dont want a border in my table it leaves space for one. here is my code:

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hey hi

the “hi’s” are there just to give the table cells weight. a screenie of my problem can be found @

o btw- where is my cgi-bin folder. both of these questions may sound dumb but i cant find the answer to either one :frowning:

Hooked on foniks werked four mee.

well, I’m working on that problem, but as for the cgi-bin, it’s anywhere you want to be. They can be executed from anywhere. I, personally, made a cgi-bin to put everything in just so I know exactly where they all are instead of having them spreadout.

Do you have the top image availiable? a little hard to test it out by just the broken image :slight_smile:

Todd Eddy

the image is @ thanks for the help!

Try this (what I added is in bold):

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hey hi

Basically, all the table code looked ok, so then I looked into the graphic itself (i substituted a graphic I had for testing). adding align=“bottom” didn’t work. I tried align=“middle” for the heck of it and it worked. So try that and it should fix it, as long as you don’t put any text in the top table, then you would have to use CSS, which older browsers don’t support.

Tested on IE 6.0 and Opera 6.01

Todd Eddy

that woked perfectly! thanks a ton