Syntax coloring in nano

I tried to use .nanorc files in order to get nano syntax coloring working and I get repeated errors. Dreamhost nano is on 1.2.4 and that could be the problem.

I just compiled and installed nano 2.0.9, applied the syntax coloring files and nothing is happening. I am connection to DH with putty. Is there some issue between the two that affects syntax coloring?

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Syntax highlighting worked for me, though I only had 6 patterns.

Not necessary. The README file in the source tarball has the basic instructions, but you would want to add options when running configure:tar zxvf nano-x.y.z.tar.gz cd nano-x.y.z ./configure --prefix=$HOME --enable-color --enable-nanorc make make installAnd then in .bash_profile# Make Bash find user-installed programs first export PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH

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