Sync Email to Blackberry

Is it possible to sync my email coming through Dreamhost with a Blackberry handheld device?

You can through a very nice email client.

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I have never used a blackberry but I had no problem setting up imap access to email on a sony ericsson phone. I’m guessing that as a blackberry is probably a bit more advanced that this would be possible.

Server to use is mail.YOURDOMAIN port 143
Username is the full email address

for sending the smtp server is also mail.YOURDOMAIN port can be either 25 or 587, again the username is the full email address

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Yea its nice.But it requires to sign up for ‘Google Apps For Your Domain’ and set MX to google. So your emails will not be handled by DreamHost. Again its a better idea using ‘Google apps for your domain’ beside the only reason to use the application for Blackberry. Because you’ll get 2000 email accounts(you can request more if you need) and 2gb storage for each account. But don’t forget that the standard free account is always ad(text only) supported.

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Yup. I just got a BB with Rogers (Canadian cell provider) and I could sync up with my DH IMAP email account.

I don’t think the two-way sync worked, but I am not sure as I turned it off due to spam.

I don’t use DH’s spam filtering, so I was getting spam on my BB, which is not good.