Symlink to a subdomain

Howdy – following the wiki instructions, I’ve deployed a Ruby on Rails app to a subdomain (i.e. “”); however, I’d like to have my main URL point to the app. I believe that this can be accomplished through the creation of a symlink, but I’ve never had occasion to use/make one before. Any thoughts?


You could change the main domain in the DH panel to be a mirror or redirect to the subdomain.

– Dan

What Dan said.

If you’re not familiar with the difference, a redirect will take the user to your sub-domain. If you mirror the sub, the browser will stay an

If you care about Google PR and already have a bunch of inbound links to the domain, you might be better off mirroring it, otherwise a redirect (301) would pass the PR to your sub.

You could also just move everything to your domain folder, then redirect the sub to your domain – if it’s something that already has incoming links.

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I’ll take another look at that – thanks. In the meantime, I’ve set up an .htaccess file that seems to be doing the trick.

Thanks again,