Symfony and stats

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I’ve “freeze” installed a symfony site, which is working fine. The .htaccess grabs everything for the controller of course. Even so, it allows the bypass for symbolically linked directories and files or directories that sit under the symfony web directory. My problem, though, is that it takes control of Dreamhost’s stats page:

Does anyone have a hack for .htaccess that might bring the stats pages back?


While the examples are not “symphony specific”, the information here might help: and some more here:

If you get the fix worked out, you can add it to the wiki page(s) :wink:



Thanks rlparker,

The “Making Stats accessible…” page was all I needed. I’ve added that now to the foot of the wiki entry on symfony.

– m.


Good deal! I’m glad you got it working, and I think it’s great you added the information to the symphony wiki article. :slight_smile: