Symbolic link

Can I make a symbolic link if i am in a shared hosting environment? I am trying to do Drupal Multisites, and having hell.

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Yes, you can create symbolic links at DreamHost. Have you logged in using your shell account yet?

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i tried using PuTTY logged in to my account. tried to create a symbolic link by using
"ln -s / /"
getting a permission denied error

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“ln -s / /”

/sub… is at root level because of /, so you don’t have permission.

From your home directory try

“ln -s

I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to link, but when I link, I use “relative paths.” From the place you want your link to show up:
ln -s firstdirectory seconddirectory
Don’t use the absolute path of /

I don’t use Drupal Multisite, so I’m not sure how it works, but from your example, it looks like you’re trying to Mirror a Domain, which can be done from the panel under Manage Domains -> Create a New (Sub)Domain.


I think a lot of multi-site installations have you install the software in one directory and link to it from the web directories of all the sites that use the software. I know Gallery multi-site is that way.

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exactly, Drupal has a multi-site feture where you run multiple website off one codebase, the main advantage of this is that when you need to update your codebase, you only have to do it once for multiple sites, as opposed to update the code for each website separately.

I saw that gallery has a similar feature, but I am not there yet, since I will use gallery as an embedded module in only one of my drupa sites I am trying to establish.

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so what happens if my account in my FTP server shows as Then I added more domains and subdomains. So now my additional domains appear under the as directories in my FTP client.

One of these domains is this domain has 2 subdomains and it is between these two subdomains that I would like to activate the symbolic link.

According to the drupal handbook if my files are in and I properly redirect to it then I will be able to use the multisite feature.

When I did the command as you proposed it apparently worked, that is I did not get an error message, but the command prompt. but I don’t see the effect happening that should happen, when I type the URL in the browserbar I just get the indexpage on that domain.

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“subdomains” by default end up in the same directory as the main directory – not inside or under. Such as:
ls ~ (that’s your home directory) will show you:

However, you do have the ability to specify the location of the subdomain when you create it.

If you want to be a “mirror” via a symbolic link to, do the following:
1)Create both subdomains and use the default location of your home directory
2) /bin/rm -rf ~/ (this will delete the entire sub2 directory)
3) ln -s
4) ls -al ~ (this will show you a full listing of your home directory and any links in it)

Again, as I’m not a Drupal (or multisite) expert, this sounds like an odd arrangement, as pointing your browser to will look just like pointing your browser to