Symbolic link not allowed or link target not accessible


I’m running a photo webapp on my site, and I symlink the main “album” subdir in the webapp to store all the photos themselves under a different dreamhost username. (I have a lot of photos and I don’t want this large amount of data to interfere with backups of my main account.)

This setup has worked fine for several years. Recently it stopped working - sometime within the past few months, I’m not sure exactly when. Could have been a change by dreamhost or just as easily a software upgrade I installed. I’m trying to troubleshoot but I’m stumped at the moment.

The PHP webapp still works perfectly – it accesses the original files through the symlink and automatically creates thumbnails and low-res versions for general use. The only part that’s broke is when I click the link to download the full-size original file – the link just points directly to the photo filename. Whenever I click that link, I don’t get the photo, and this error shows up in my error.log:

“Symbolic link not allowed or link target not accessible”

I’ve tried explicitly inserting “Options FollowSymLinks” and “Options +FollowSymLinks” at various different .htaccess files, but this doesn’t seem to fix it. Anybody have any other ideas what might get my photo site working again?


Same here!


It seems that it was fixed.
In my case I also did ‘chmod 751’ on the destination directory