Switching URL from directing to Tumblr

Hi There!

I had a custom URL affiliated with a Tumblr account. I recently unlinked the URL and deleted in the Tumblr account due to the fact that I would like to use a self-hosted WordPress blog format instead. I bought the webhosting through DreamHost (clearly) and did the one click install for Wordpress. When I type in my URL name it still points at the (now defunct) Tumblr account. Can anybody help me or give me the steps I need to complete to get it directed to WordPress?

Thanks in advance! I’m so confused about what I’m supposed to do!

Is the domain name registered through DreamHost or somewhere else?

A domain name would be helpful.

Oh, sorry. I’m a bit technologically challenged to say the least… It’s registered through GoDaddy.com.

What’s your actual domain name though? :slight_smile:


You need to set the DreamHost nameservers over at GoDaddy so your browser knows where the domain really lives.