Switching to Roundcube

I downloaded Roundcube and set everything up according to the Wiki. Everything seemed to work from the subdirectory on my domain. So again, I followed the Wiki and disabled webmail and moved it to a webmail.yourdomain.com (obviously with my domain instead of ‘yourdomain.com’) subdomain but it still only pops up with Squirrel mail. I have tried checking the box for “Enable Roundcube” as well but with no results. It just sticks me with Squirrel mail no matter what I do. What’s going on? Thank you!

Scratch that. I guess I just had to wait longer. It is working now.

Note that the “enable roundcube” checkbox in the panel enables dreamhost’s pre-intalled version of roundcube, and does not make your installed version work.

As you have discovered any change that involves DNS does not happen instantly. Propagation usually occurs in the first 4 hours but might take longer. You can always use http://www.whatsmydns.net/ to watch progress.