Switching to DreamhostPS, confused by wiki

I think the DreamhostPS final offer is great, but after reading the DreamhostPS wiki I got confused.

If I read right, the DreamhostPS is an ‘extension’ of Dreamhost. You pay additional costs on top of your dreamhost bill. (ok clear)
The files on DreamhostPS is on a different server then Dreamhost. This is why I need to copy files over to DreamhostPS.

The following questions is actually mainly about:
Do you switch over to DreamhostPS?
or do you keep the old server and get an extra server DreamhostPS.

(So you can switch between the ‘old’ and PS server.)
I first thought you switch over, but the wiki says you can manually switch files over to DreamhostPS.
Which would mean you keep the other files on the ‘old’ server. That line confuses me, which is the cause of this post.

Please confirm me if I am right about the following:

  1. after I get DreamhostPS I can create users for Dreamhost and DreamhostPS which I can grant FTP or Shell access (no root, I read it).
  2. I can create (sub)domains for both Dreamhost and DreamhostPS.
    Allowing me to have example.com on Dreamhost and sub.example.com on DreamhostPS.
  3. I can choose to upload files to Dreamhost or DreamhostPS.

I think 3 is actually confirmed once 1 is confirmed, but just to be sure.

The answer is “yes”.

You can move w/e domains you like onto your PS and you’ll still have your shared account unless you close it.

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Cool thanks. I think I give it a shot.