Switching/Sharing a site directory

Got a question here on directories. So here’s the situation.

  1. I have a site in one domain, running python and flask. Works fine.
  2. As an experiment for a future launch, I want host a new Domain on Dreamhost, but POINT it at the directory of the old site.
  3. As you can guess I’m working with temp sites and then point the old domain at the new directory.

However what happened has me confused:

  1. I set up the new site/domain.
  2. It has the same user as the old one.
  3. When I point the new site/domain at the old directory, nothing happens - its the same coming soon message.

any help is appreciated.

The “coming soon” message is displayed when there isn’t a index.html (or index.php, etc) in a site’s web directory.

Possibly the new site/domain needs to have Passenger setup the same as the old one? I’ve only every briefly played with Passenger, so just an idea from a non-expert…

I tried putting the index.html file in and the results were bizarre.

  1. The python site already running? It ran fine.
  2. The “remapped” domain only showed up if the index.html was there.

Clearly there’s some configuration thing there I need to check out or figure out. But it’s pretty wild.

Passenger config, MIGHT do it, I’d have to check more.

Note that to turn Passenger on/off for a website, you have to edit the hosting setting from the “Manage Domains” section of the panel:


The newer “Manage Websites” section doesn’t have Passenger controls.

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