Switching Registrars?

can I still keep DH as my hoster if I make Go Daddy my registrar?

I want to do this because it seems DH isn’t interested in keeping our information private from whois searches, but they offer better pricing in hosting then Go Daddy or bluehost does.

You can.

My domains are registered with GoDaddy, and I use DreamHost. Just enter DreamHost’s DNS servers on GoDaddy – easy as pie.

Alec Usticke
DreamHost referral

Bear in mind that if you transfer your domain registration to another registrar, you will be responsible for paying for it… the Dreamhost free registration that is included in your hosting price is only for domains registered through them.

If you want to change your registrar, the name servers here are:

Not a big deal at all. Just initiate a transfer from GoDaddy. You will however need the authorization code from DH, and I’m not exactly sure how or where to find that.

FWIW, I have all of my domains registered at GoDaddy but hosted at DH.