Switching plans

im looking at a new host for a couple of websites and dreamhost looks to be pretty good for the features we need. Our current hosting doesnt end until January so I was wondering if anybody could answer this question. If you sign up on a pay monthy basis but later wanted to switch to 2 year pre-paid would you get the discount for the 2 years and would you get the setup fee refunded once you have switched?

if you went for 1 year pre-paid and then in 6 mths time wanted to switch to 2 year pre-paid would you again get the discount and how would that discount work?

You can switch hosting & payment plans at any time through the control panel.

You can ask sales/support, but I don’t think they’ll refund a setup fee if you start out monthly, then upgrade later. If you use a promo-code, you wouldn’t really be paying a setup-fee anyway, though.

I forget how they worked the discount when switching yearly/2-year when I did it. I don’t remember getting mad or smashing anything, so I think it must have been a pretty fair process. :wink:

I think they gave me the two year discount price, then credited me for anything I had already paid, then just billed me the difference.

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