Switching nameservers

I registerd my domain with dreamhost… now I am trying to switch the servernames so the site can be hosted on another server. I have changed this several times but the change is not taking effect… any suggestions???

What exactly have you tried? Just guessing since I don’t know the details:

  1. DNS updates may take a couple of days to take effect.
  2. If the changes don’t even show in the Panel, try a different browser.


I’ve used all the normal means of changing the nameservers. Domain’s - registrations - etc… when I say it won’t show up I mean that when I do a whois look up with dnsstuff.com it shows no change has been made. I began trying to make this change yesterday… would it really take this long? Please pardon my ignorance and thanks for any input!!! Cheers!

If the changes show up in the Panel under Domains->Registrations when you click on your domain name, then you’ll have to wait for them to propagate, which may take 48 hours (even longer at times).