Switching Locations

If I were to host a subdomain on my own domain, put joomla on it and also some phpBB forums, how hard would it be to transfer those things later to a domain I add in the future?

I’m not even sure if it’s possible, but if it is would it be extremely easy or pretty difficult?

I’d say that it’s moderately easy. The only catch is that you’d lose the “one-click install” status and would have to use the “normal” webmaster upgrade process for each app.

BTW, chances are is that all you’d have to do is to modify a configuration file with the new domain and then either move the files or set the web root folder appropriately for the new domain.

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Regarding the fact of losing one-click install status - I don’t know about Joomla and phpBB but at least with WordPress and Gallery you can always reinstall those but re-use the databases. That way you will get them back in the one-click section.