Switching hosting accounts for an existing domain


I have a domain that I registered with dreamhost about 2 years ago that was being used as a mirror of my content on a friends hosting also with dreamhost. I recently decided to set up my own hosting (again, with dreamhost) to alleviate his bandwidth usage.

My registered domain and hosting are on the same account but I can’t add the domain to MY hosting for the life of me. Is there a way to get this resolved?

I try adding the domain and I get “Can’t add domain: already in our system” back, which I am aware of. Keeping the domain name is pretty key, so I don’t want to just change it to something else.

What exactly do I need to change, or how can I get a hold of customer support for something like this? I can’t seem to find anything particularly relevant in the DH support system aside from asking here, and I get the feeling I need to have them make the changes, as it seems to be out of my control.


You’ll have to file a support ticket through the panel. Only they can switch domains between DreamHost users.



I had a feeling that was the case, thank you.