Switching Hosted Domains


I no longer need the domain that I am hosting through dreamhost. However I have 2+months left of hosting and I would like to use that to host a new domain that I am about to register.

How do I go about switching the domains? Is it even possible? I do not want to simply add a new domain because then I would be paying for two domains to be hosted.

I’m really new to web hosting so if I am making a mistake about some basic assumptions here please explain. Thanks.


You can add as many domains as you like. Just click on managed domains and add all the ones you want. You pay for an unlimited number of domains in your hosting plan.


to add to what bobocat said…

domain registration and domain hosting are separate fees.

Domain registration is 9.95 per year.

Your dreamhost account (paid monthly or annually) handles the hosting and that portion is for unlimited domains.

The situation may be slightly more complicated if you are a non-profit organization that has free hosting via dreamhost.