Switching full hosting from one registered domain to another within Dreamhost

Hi everyone -

I have two domains registered with Dreamhost. One is fully hosted and the other is currently just mirroring the fully hosted domain.

I’d like to swap this around so that the current one that is mirrored is now fully hosted and the one currently fully hosted becomes just a mirror.

Unless this is pointless and then in that case I’ll leave it as it is but I’m trying to phase out the original address as pretty much all my links point to the address that is currently just a mirror.


Is this wordpress? or what was used to build the site?

I think I answered my own question by playing around.

I didn’t realize that the domain points to a certain ‘user’ so it appears simply removing the mirror on the current site and pointing that domain to appropriate user, now both are fully hosted and both point to the same directory.

Does anyone see a problem with that method?

Yes, if you care about it being found in google. Google will penalize you for duplicate content. to correct make the ‘old’ a 301 redirect to the new.