Switching from Wordpress to HTML


Currently, I have a wordpress site up. I had someone design a new html landing page that I would like use going forward. How do I change from wp to html?


So you want to keep the wordpress install or let it go entirely?

If you want to keep it, in addition to the new landing page, is it currently installed in a folder or at the root of the domain?

Thanks for responding. I want to get rid of wordpress entirely and just have the html page up.

ftp in and delete everything in the domain directory and upload your new index.html in it’s place.

Do I login into webftp and delete? (I don’t see any options to delete in ftp)

using webftp makes it problemmatic… i dont think there is a folder delete, but you might try a right click. I don’t use webftp.

You could also change the “user” in the dreamhost panel. then log into that user and upload the index.html. That also has the side effect of putting the WP installation on hold in case you want it for anything in the future.

Okay. So I changed users and logged into ftp://gouverneur-morris.dreamhost.com/ but there is no option to delete or upload files.

Whether you’re using an FTP client or WebFTP from the panel, you should be able to right-click on the filename, and “delete” will be an option. Also, I’m pretty sure I’m logged into your correct domain via FTP, but can you confirm which domain you’re trying to upload/delete?

the domain is advancetalentsolutions.com. I want to change from the wp to html (this hasn’t been uploaded yet).

Cool, that’s the one! If you’re using WebFTP, just highlight the file/folder’s Filename, then Right-click and there is an option to delete. There is also a toolbar at the top that has Upload and Delete tools as well.

As LakeRat said, just go through and delete everything under /advancetalentsolutions.com, then upload your html file.

All of the files won’t delete. It is giving an error message “unlink() [function.unlink]: Error Deleting file: 550 /advancetalentsolutions.com/webinars/mod/wiki/db/access.php: No such file or directory
in /home/webftp_dh/webftp.dreamhost.com/plugins/access.ftp/class.ftpAccessWrapper.php (l.153)”

Have you tried using an FTP client? I use Filezilla and Cyberduck, both are good. If you get an error when trying to delete that folder via the FTP client, let me know and I’ll look into it!

I still do not have the option to delete files in FTP (tried right click, using a mac, not working). All of the files that were deleted using webftp are still showing up in ftp.

Which FTP client are you using?

Do you mind if I try deleting the folders? Do you have everything backed up in case you still need it? I can try deleting /home/advancetalent/advancetalentsolutions.com/webinars and /home/advancetalent/advancetalentsolutions.com/wp-content for you.

In order to get your new files hosted while you’re working on removing the old ones, rename the domain directory and create a new one with the same name via FTP, then upload the HTML files into the fresh directory.

I used cyberduck to delete and upload the files and it worked perfectly. Thanks so much, DH_Elle S!

Yayy! So happy to hear it worked! Thanks for your cooperation and patience! If you run into any other issues feel free to let me know, or contact our support team directly via LiveChat or email support: www.dhurl.org/dhsupport