Switching from shared to VPS questions

Hi all,

I’m currently thinking about upgrading from shared hosting to VPS (which I’m new to, on any host), and there are several things I’d like to know:

  1. In times of low traffic, will there be a significant improvement in load times for my websites (WordPress with HyperCache)?

  2. Is a shared hosting plan required for VPS? Assuming all goes well, I would like to move over all of my sites to VPS and drop my shared plan. Basically, are there any required costs in addition to the $15+/month for VPS?

  3. Will I lose any shared hosting features (e.g. one-click installs) with VPS?

  4. How much WordPress activity would a 400MB VPS be able to handle? I realize this would vary greatly depending on content and setup, but is there any way I could get a ballpark estimate?

  5. How long would migrating to VPS take (on the Dreamhost end), and would everything be moved to another physical server? I ask because I’m happy with the server I’m on (lion-o, Pingdom recorded 100.0% uptime last month).

Thanks in advance?

No you don’t need to keep shared hosting, you can have VPS only without shared hosting. However you do get to keep shared MySQL hosting (important if you plan on using WordPress).

You don’t loose features like one-click installs, but as far as I know you would loose the 1 free domain per year and any other such benefits that you might have received when you signed up.

It’s pretty quick, as I recall it was within a day or so. But yes you would be moved to another physical server.

Sounds good, I should be able to activate the trial and determine the answers to #1 and 4 if those things aren’t an issue (moving physical servers isn’t a biggie, and I assumed I would have to considering I’m changing my hosting type).

Thanks for the quick response to my lengthy post!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

As for question 1, while I haven’t done any comparative testing, I don’t think that in low traffic situations there’d be too much difference between shared and VPS regarding load times. I’d think the advantages of a VPS would appear when traffic is high and you can benefit from having guaranteed resources for your sites.

In times of low traffic, a VPS will be faster (in part because of fewer noisy neighbors, but also because if all your faster computer is doing is opening a text file, it’ll be faster than when you’re rendering photos in Photoshop :wink: ). But the human eye may not be able to discern it. You really get more noticeable benefits when you’re being hammered with traffic :slight_smile: The best day is going ‘Wow, I’m getting 500% traffic and I can’t tell because my site is so fast!’

Anybody know how/if you can move sites individually from VPS back to shared? When I upgraded to VPS (few weeks ago) I moved all 10 sites without thinking it through. Now I’m thinking it would be smarter to keep tiny/low volume sites on shared and only the single high traffic site on VPS.

Only there doesn’t seem to be any way via Dreamhost to move sites from one to the other. Currently I have shared hosting + VPS (I think?) and all sites are on VPS.

Anybody have any experience with this?

Yes, this is possible. However the first time I wanted to do this (many years ago already) my shared hosting server wasn’t listed in the panel as a server on which I could put my sites, only my VPS was listed. Like you I had moved all my sites to my new VPS and later wanted to move 2 of them back to shared hosting. I requested support to add my shared server back, which they did promptly.

Alternatively you can also cancel your shared hosting, however then you loose your free domain and whatever other perks you got at signup.

Hi Alexis!

You can actually manage this move pretty simply! Through your panel, you’ll need to create a username on the intended server, and then you can add new domains or modify existing domains to use that username. Our web panel will then offer to migrate the data for you. This link will help (it goes the same way to move a domain back to shared):

Of course, if you have any trouble/questions, or need help with any of this, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team via the panel. As ottodv can attest, we’ll be happy to help! :wink: