Switching from iWeb to Wordpress


Short version: I want to delete the iWeb site currently hosted on dreamhost and start over with a Wordpress site. I can’t figure out how to do this.

Long version: I’m very new to this. I started a site on dreamhost a couple months ago using iWeb. It’s been going fine, and updating the site has been incredibly easy. However, I now understand what people were talking about when they discussed the limitations of iWeb, so I’d like to switch to Wordpress. I’ve tried for a few days, and I’m stuck.

I’m guessing I have to delete my old “iWeb” site, right? Or can I leave it there and not have it active? If I have to get rid of it, can I simply hit “delete” on the “manage domains” page? Or do I have to go in and delete individual folders. If I have to do that, do I just delete them all?

Second, do I have to install Wordpress on my computer, or can I do all this from a browser via the 1-click install? I’ve spent some time with MAMP and the Wordpress files, and it’s given me a headache.

Lastly, is there a way to import my old iWeb blog posts to Wordpress (other than cut and paste)?

Thanks in advance. I appreciate any help thrown my way.


Yes, that’s probably best. It is possible to keep the iWeb files in place and install WordPress to a subdirectory, but you’re probably better off just deleting the iWeb files or moving them somewhere out of the way. The easiest way to do this will be using an FTP client, or using WebFTP (available through the DreamHost Panel).

No — unlike iWeb, WordPress runs entirely in the web browser. There’s no need to install anything on your own computer.