Switching from easy mode?

I’ve just installed Drupal via the one-click option to get a feel for what it is capable of.

Now that I’ve played with it a bit, I’m wondering if there is a way to move so that I can customize it more. Or am I stuck with it forever being on easy mode, with my only option being to delete it and start over with a fresh (manual) install?

Thanks for any assistance.


There’s not an easy move. You’d have to dump the drupal database and import it into your manual installation. In other words, start from scratch, and then import your old data.


I was afraid you say that.

Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

What makes it even less easy is that there’s not an Advanced One-Click installation of Drupal.


why is that, btw. would love to install drupal on a new site in advanced mode. is there any plan for this? looked on wiki for work arounds, nothing jumped out at me. any tips on how to accomplish equivalent of Drupal Advanced Install? thanks!

The equivalent to Advanced would be just to download Drupal and install itself. I’m not a Drupal expert, but if it has its own update mechanism, that would be as good as Advanced mode.


thx. not sure if drupal has auto update in itself. mad love on DH’s Advanced Install app management; but manual is always the ultimate plan B. :slight_smile: