Switching files from one host to dreamhost

Hey everyone.

I am in the process of switching from Doorhost.net to Dreamhost. Right now, Im not sure about how to transfer my files from that host to this host directly to each other. I’m using FlashFXP but the files lock up. I figured out how to log into both ftp’s (for this one, nimitz.dreamhost.com). What was your method of transferring?

I had all of my files locally so I simply ftped them to the host. Are you saying you don’t keep a local copy of the files on your existing web host?!

I don’t know if Dreamhost’s ftp server alows FXP transfers. Do you have a shell account on your old host? Do you have one on Dreamhost?

If you have a shell account (as mentioned above) I would simply tar up the files you want to transfer:

(In home directory on old host)
tar -cf newtarfile.tar *

This will tar up all files in current directory to a file called newtarfile.tar

Then I would Gzip it… outta habit mostly.
gzip newtarfile.tar

Then I would SFTP the file over to dreamhost.
sftp username@morgan.dreamhost.com
(or whatever your user and server are)

Then you cna exectute a ‘put newtarfile.tar.gz’ command and send the files over to dreamhost.

Lastly. Untar/unzip via a ‘tar zxvf newtarfile.tar.gz’ This will extract all contents to the current directory. If you want the files in another directory make sure to move (mv) the file first.