Switching DNS

I recently bought an domain name with Dreamhost. I already have a hosting plan under a different name/account. I registered the new domain under a new account name because I wanted to pay with a different credit card. I guess I’m really just asking how to point my DNS over to that hosting account.

I think you might be trying to make it more difficult than it is. It makes no difference which/what account a domain name is registered under, or hosted under. All that is required is that the DNS for the registered domain is pointed to the correct nameservers for where the site is hosted.

For all Dreamhost hosted websites, irrespective of what account they are hosted under, those DNS settings are:


This is true even if the domain was registered with another company, if the hosting is on Dreamhost. The DNS does not care what account is involved, only that the nameservers are the correct ones for the host.


For some reason the option to point my DNS is not active. After I bought the domain name, under manage domains, there is no domain name showing. Does it take some time to propogate?

That may be the case…I’d give a a day or two and see if the “DNS” link goes live. I believe that, once a domain is registered, all it’s functions are then managed under the “Manage Domain” menu, where in other registrars systems, you often set the DNS from the same place you register the domain.

Make sure you are logged into the correct account!


Yep, it switched over today. Thanks for your suggestions.