Switching back to gmail question

will switching back to gmail use the existing google apps (and gmail) account?

when i set up my domain, i choose to use google to run my email.
Later, i switched to dreamhost hosted email in an attempt to figure out some other email problems. I’d like to switch back to gmail, and would like it to use the existing google apps account from the initial setup. Is this possible? if i switch back, will it use the previous setup, or is there anything I need to do or be aware of to make this transition happen?

your google apps account is still there unless you specifically deleted it. just edit your domain name again and select to use gmail. that’s all you should need to do and log in normally to your gmail account like you use to

My google apps and old mail were still around, so the process was simple.

I enabled Gmail in the web panel at Mail > Custom MX / Gmail. Clicked edit for my domain and then set the mail service to Gmail.

Since the google apps and gmail account were already setup, it just remade the link and everything is working fine.

Easy and painless.

Thanks for the response.