Switching back from google apps mail



I tried to read all subjects regarding this, but can’t find a clear answer.

If you want to switch back from Google Apps mail to Dreamhost’s regular mail, ¿do the mail accounts need to be recreated?

I know for sure that the mail accounts already exists, because as stated in the wiki, they are still accesible from webmail.dreamhost.com; the messages are still there.

So, what happens next? The previous users auto-magically reappear? Do you have to recreate them? And, if so, does the existing messages and inboxes get overwritten?

Thanks very much for your help.


If you already had mailboxes set up on DreamHost, switching from Google Apps back to DreamHost mail will make all of those users start working again, just as they were before you switched to Google Apps. None of the content in those mailboxes will disappear. Any users that you created or mail that you received while Google Apps was active, however, will not be transferred back to DreamHost.


Thank you so much for your answer.

Of course, I assumed none of the actions on Google Apps would be on Dreamhost, but I expected the previously existing users and mailboxes to be there.
Glad to read that.