Switching a domain name from one DH account to another, how much downtime?


We currently have a domain name registered through dreamhost on account 1 and we want to switch the registration to account 2. We use this domain name for our squarespace page, azure server, and Gmail apps. We have already transferred the ownership of the domain to account 2, but it isn’t in that account’s Manage Domains page yet (it is still shown in Account 1’s manage domains) I have a few questions about this process that I didn’t see answers for in the docs:

  1. The steps to complete the transfer seem to be:
  • remove domain from Manage Domains page of Account 1
  • add domain to Manage Domains page of Account 2
  • re-setup the CNAME records and Google apps for the domain on Account 2
    Are these correct? Have I missed anything or is there a better way to do this?
  1. Approximately how much downtime should we see on our Azure, squarespace, and google apps when we remove the domain from Account 1 Managed Domains and add it on Account 2 Managed Domains? i.e. how long will the site be down for and how long will we not be able to receive emails in Gmail?

  2. Do we need to pay for Full Hosting, or DNS only? We don’t want to actually host any content on DreamHost, but we do need it to handle the Google Apps services and it seems like that part is covered under full hosting, but we couldn’t tell.

Thanks for any help you can give.