Switch URL, transfer files, but cant change sqldatabase



Recently, with the help of dream host support team, i was able to transfer all the files from my old url to new url. Everything seems to be working correctly however i noticed that certain pages still contains the old url address. I contacted dreamhost support team and they suggest that i create a custom A record, which i did, and to make the switches in the wp-config.php file.

The problem is every time i make the changes in the mysqldatabase and upload it back up via ftp, upon logging into the new url, i get a page asking me to create a user name and password for word press.

My question is can someone please explain to me the proper steps i need to finalize the changes so that everything will be under the new url, along with the mysqldatabase, and that none of the old url address will appear in the website.

Thank you




What kind of pages are still showing the old URL?

If they’re internal posts on your WordPress site (I’m assuming WP, since you said wp-config.php), then you may need to do a search/replace on your database for posts.

If it’s something else, let me know :slight_smile: