Switch home page

I am trying to replace an existing home page (index file) to a temporary one until a new web site will be extablished. The temporary home page is a simple html file, stating that we are redesigning our web site, and has a link to the existing home page.

I made a new index.html file and renamed the old file to index1.aspx. But when I type in url, such as www.mysite.com, the new idex page is not displayed. In order to display new html page, I have to type in www.mysite.com/index.html.

How can I make the new home page displayed automatically without typing /index.html?

It’s probably cached in your browser or at your ISP. You replaced the index file correctly, so it should show up. Try a different browser.

What’s the URL?



I’m getting your temp page with the river picture and the text:
We are changing our web site to better serve our clients.
For the existing site, please click here.