Switch fully hosted from Mirror dreamhosters

I am in the process of transferring hosting to Dreamhost. I set up a dreamhosters.com subdomain, copied all my files, got my sql db to work ok and changed the nameservers to point to DH. So far so good. My real domain “mydomain.org” is set to mirror the dreamhosters and the URL goes to the dreamhosters ok. BUT how do I get “mydomain.org” to be the Fully Hosted and not just the mirror? I can not ftp to it because it does not show as having space allocated - just shows on the domain panel as DNS and mirrored to mydomain.dreamhosters.com.

I guess I misinterpreted the instructions because I thought that the dreamhosters subdomain was temporary and that mirroring it would cause files to be copied to mydomain.org. I set the mirror up at least 24 hrs ago. Is it a question of time, or do I need to do something to change mydomain.org to be my Fully Hosted instead of the dreamhosters subdomain?

I am also in the process of transferring registration to DH, but I don’t think that should affect this since the nameservers were already changed, should it?


Domain registration location doesn’t matter. You are correct in thinking the nameservers are the end game :slight_smile:

What you want is to fully host the mydomain.org domain.

If you go to view your domains, there should be a ‘deactivate mirror’ button for the domain. Click that and then add it as fully hosted. Make sure it points to the file location where you installed the dreamhosters account (/home/username/mydomain.dreamhosters.com in your case).

(FWIW, you should have added the domain in as mydomain.org, had it live in /home/username/mydomain.org, and had mydomain.dreamhosters.com mirror that. Then all you would do is change the nameservers and voila! :smiley: )

I think I always approach things backwards! While waiting for a response, I used the Edit button to change mydomain.org to Fully Hosted (I was afraid I would get charged double for a ‘second’ domain). And then copied all my files from mydomain.dreamhosters.com to mydomain.org, which I am sure was not too efficient in terms of space, but seems to be working ok.

So, is it ok if I leave the dreamhosters.com there as fully hosted? I am thinking I could use this as a test area before moving website updates to the mydomain.org. Any problem with file duplication and so on?


Yes, it’s fine to leave dreamhosters as is :slight_smile:


When changing domain hosting on Dreamhost panel from Mirrored to Fully host do we have to wait that the change propagate (DNS) or should it be instant ?


Switching a domain from mirrored to fully hosted may cause its IP to change. If it does, you will need to wait for the DNS change to propagate.