Switch from sftp to ftp, any problems?

I’m set up with my main account using sftp but think I want to convert back to regular ftp (web dev ide doesn’t support sftp). If I switch, does anything (bad) happen? If I hadn’t already uploaded a ton of files, I’d just do it but I don’t want to have to re-upload the files.



I don’t think there’s any “conversion” necessary. Both FTP and SFTP are just means of getting your files from your home computer to your DreamHost server.

You can even use them simultaneously if you just enable your user for both SSH and FTP.

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Thanks. I was hoping that was the case. Keeps things easy.

Lensman is absolutely correct, though there is one potential “gotcha” of which you should probably be aware (yeah, here I am being pedantic again, lensman!) :wink:

You should have no issues at all if your user is an “ftp” or “shell” user and you have not disabled their ability to use ftp in the control panel.

However, if your user is an “SFTP” only user, or if you are a “shell” user and you have disallowed use of ftp (as a security precaution), you will need to change that user’s status before using FTP again.

If you are using the default DH setup, this should not be an issue, as you can use either protocol with the default setup; this is only a concern if you have edited your user setting(s) as mentioned above.