Switch domain from wordpress to a .com


I have registered the .com domain with Dreamhost and have also paid up for two years web hosting. I currently use a wordpress site as my homepage and want to swith it’s current domain ‘.wordpress.com’ to the domain I have regestered with dreamhost and also have it hosted by them. However, i would still like to use wordpress to update it as it is my blog also. Can you please let me know how I can do this in its simplist way?
thank you


well firstly go to manage domains and add your domain to be fully hosted. just registering it isn’t enough to get you going :slight_smile: then head over to the one-click installs and install wordpress to your domain. wordpress does have an export function for posts and such so i suggest you use it and then import the information into the new blog on your hosting account. that will probably be the simplest way for you.