Swapping host but keeping gmail account?

Hi there,

I have a new client with another host who i’m looking to move to my DreamHost account. The client was originally setup with Google apps so runs his email address through gmail and would like to keep this functionality and hopefully not loose his account.

Anyone know if it is possible just to reset his site up on DreamHost but re-point the MX records to gmail for his email?



Yes. No problem. When adding the domain to DreamHost panel, you have options to choose Gmail to handle the email, which automatically sets the MX records. Or you can do it manually.

There should be very little (if any) interuption in mail service if you first change the nameservers on the original host/registrar to DreamHost, and then wait for everything to switch over…and then once that is all working, switch the registration over (if you are planning to move registration)

All worked a charm, thanks! Never needed to do anything just simply clicked the Google apps option when adding the domain to my account and all worked without changing anything so touch wood it stays that way!

Thanks, TJ.