Swap space on VPS

I have a VPS with DreamHost, which is broadly working well, but I’d like some clarifications and advice about swap memory.

I see that there is no “swap space” enabled by default - which came as a surprise. The output of the “free” command, and “top” both agree that there is no swap. Output of “free” command is below: (I have configured the VPS to have 300Mb of RAM from the panel)

bash: free
                                     total         used       free       shared    buffers     cached
Mem:                           307200   223512   83688  0              0               194576
-/+ buffers/cache:       28936     278264
Swap:                          0              0              0

However, “swapon -s” and “cat /proc/swaps” seem to suggest that there is a swap partition on /dev/sda2 of size 7999996 (8Gbytes?). But device /dev/sda2 doesn’t seem to exist (ls /dev/sda2 reports no such file or directory).

I’m tempted to make a swap file (mkswap) and then ‘swapon’ it, and then add it to /etc/fstab so it gets mounted (or swapon’d, I suppose) automatically after a reboot.

Is this safe / recommended ? I am new to living in a virtual machine, and this likely has an impact on the decisions regarding swap.

Thanks in advance


Management of swap space is not available on DreamHost VPS. If you need more memory than you currently have available, you will need to increase your VPS’s memory allocation in the panel.

What you’re seeing in /proc/swaps is the swap space set up on the VPS host machine. It’s not available directly to VPS guests. (It shouldn’t be showing up there at all, really, since it’s not relevant to the guest, but whatever.)

OK - thanks for the explanation.