We’re currently looking into switching to Dreamhost from another provider. Mainly because of the included SVN functionality, that we would like to use.

My team and I are not very experienced with SVN. We mainly used to develop locally, and then upload directly to the live version (which obviously created a mess sometimes, when different developers had altered the same files).

Now, after researching a bit I find the SVN system very attractive, and have gotten myself to understand that the following workflow would make a lot of sense for our developers and users:

1a) Developers develop locally on their individual tasks.
1b) Changes are committed to the common development repository, so every developer can synchronize his local files with the current development versions from the other developers.

2a) From the development repository we can checkout versions to, where we run a private version of the application.
2b) From the we can checkout versions to where the live application is running.

We all use the Panic Coda application on Mac for development. It already features Subversion support, so I guess that steps 1a and 1b will be taken care of. However, I have no idea how to go about steps 2a and 2b:

  • Do we need to do that by executing some command via the Shell on the hosting package?
  • Can it be set up as a simple webinterface, where we can click the following four buttons (or something similar):
    “Roll out newest development version on
    “Roll back to previous version on
    “Roll out newest version from to
    " Roll back to previous version on".

I hope that someone here has the time and ability to assist me with my questions. Since we’re just a bunch of hobby-enthusiasts working together, we unfortunately don’t have the resources to learn everything ourselves, nor pay professionals :frowning: However, we would love to take advantage of the collaboration-improvements that version control systems advertise.

I would also like to learn how to set up a configuration like this.

Basically that is what svn is for.

I’m not sure whether you have gone through this article in Dreamhost Wiki. I followed this to set up Svn on my domain.

Good luck

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