I’m using svn for my projects and well frankly I started using first when I became a dreamhost customer, before that I stuck with cvs as I’ve done since the stoneages :wink:

Anyways now and then it completely locks and says stuff is outdated and refuse to commit. It does not help at all to use the --force flag.

Is there anyway you can force svn to commit? or how do one resolve these issues?

when svn refuse to commit the repository has basicly commited suicide(lol :slight_smile: ) on my part, because atm the only way I know how to fix the problem is to remove the repsoitory and create a new one (loosing all previous versions)…


I’m not entirely sure if this correct, but you may try running the command ‘svn st’ (svn status) to see what the status of your files are. It is possible that you may have some conflicts somewhere that need to be resolved.

Also, SVN does have a locking mechanism so it also possible that SVN thinks those files are locked. I forget the command to fix this issue, but if you the command ‘svn’ it will give a list of all the supported subcommads, and then just use ‘svn help’ for more info on one.

Hope this helps!

If says that your files are outdated, you need to do first svn update to get the changes you may have done from other machine or a partner may have commited (let say, you don’t have the most up to date version of the revision tree, and because of this svn don’t let you commit), then do a svn stat to know if you had conflicts (that need attention) and then you can do a svn commit (svn ci for short)…

A great reading for user and admin is available on line.

Pst. An actual cut & paste of the messages you got, will work a lot better ;D

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