SVN Web-Based Account Management

software development


Hey, I have just written a simple web-based account management application:

Do you think this will be useful at all? I have already found it useful in providing my team with a simple and free svn administration utility that is easily customizable (like a web portal).

Derik Wilson


Looks great Derek!

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Thanks. It lines up in FireFox and IE7. I am still working on fixing it for IE 6 and I haven’t even begun to look at Opera.

Derik Wilson


Looks good in Opera 9.27

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Thanks! My hope is to get it to the point where the admin has to have no knowledge of how directory access is defined, or how user groups are created. I know that sounds somewhat backward, but I have noticed that many admins (like myself) are overwhelmed with certain simple tasks because others don’t know how to perform tasks that we would consider simple. I would much rather have an administration panel handling this stuff than telling the other person how to do it and hope they don’t screw up the access file.

Derik Wilson


Uh oh! I better hurry and get this thing done! It looks like someone beat me to it:

Derik Wilson