SVN usage!

Well, I cant seem to find any really clear instructions on how to use SVN here at DH. I dont care if I have to use command line through a shell or if I can use TortoiseSVN from my PC, I just need the latest SVN of G2.

I have Gallery2 installed at, and I’ve created as instructed in the first part of the wiki here, but after that I’m just lost. I also installed TortoiseSVN for windows on my PC, but after a lot of reading it seems using svn from command line in a shell would actually be easier. I just don’t know how.

Could someone please assist me with better instructions for this than what I’v found? I don’t understand everything about making keys with putty, and I could go ahead and just login every time Im asked - thats no big deal, as long as I know how to get it done.



there are some articles in wiki

Hope it helps

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