SVN (Subversion) Repo-to-Development Server (post-

I have successfully setup my first SVN repository, checked it out locally, and commited the updates to the SVN server. Awesome!

Now, I want my development site (also on dreamhost) to be updated every time there is an update to the repository.

According to the DreamHost Support Wiki, it can be done. But I seem to be missing something.

I ask for your help with setting up (fixing?) my post-commit script that does the SVN repo-to-development server sync.

I have chronicled my journey with SVN and the post-commit hook that is supposed to make this fly on my site at

Anyone willing and able to help me get this going should reply to my post on or to this discussion thread.

As I am certain this will be a powerful feature for myself and others, I will continue the logging of my journey.

Thank you in advance, anyone willing to help,