SVN Server Version (Security Issue)

I just wanted to share a customer support ticket that I just submitted to Dreamhost. I am not posting here for griefing purposes, I am posting for these reasons:

  1. It’s something that needs to be done and I’ve not had a lot of luck convincing Dreamhost to update SVN in the past.
  2. SVN is a major part of why I use a hosting service, so it’s very important to me (and I’m hoping it’s important to you folks as well.

Anyway, I figure as many courteous voices requesting this upgrade, the better the chances of it getting done. If someone from Dreamhost reads this and wants to verify that it is being done NOW, then that would be great. Unfortunately, the answer of “we’re working on it” doesn’t hold much weight any more for me since I’ve been told that in the past…


I am contacting you to request that Dreamhost update their version of Subversion (SVN) to 1.6.4. This is a security update, and needs to be done immediately. See for more information on the update.

I should also point out that I sent an email earlier this year requesting that svn be updated at least to 1.5 for features that I needed. I was told that it was “being worked on”, but nothing has yet been done.

Please forward this message to the appropriate system administrator.


(NOTE: The current version of SVN on the server, I believe, is svn, version 1.4.2 (r22196) [compiled Feb 3 2007, 12:58:02])

Considering SVN is boasted in the Feature List, I’d think it’s reasonable for customers to expect that it be kept up to date, at least security-patch-wise at a bare minimum.

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