SVN post commit hook does not work

I’ve tried literally every solution possible. Any method I use just doesn’t work. I’ve tried creating a hook script, making it executable, making my site a working copy of my SVN repository using:

svn up /path/to/site/ --username name --password pass

That doesn’t work. Then I heard that a different user runs that command, so I tried writing a C program with a setuid so that user can run it. That didn’t work either.

However, running the C program and the script as a test it does work. I’ve run out of ideas on how to get the hook to run in any way. I’ve also made sure my hook is even in the right location, since svn organizes my projects by their ID, I would leave it at svn/1/hooks/ it should run but it doesn’t.

Does anyone have any clue on why it won’t run? Thanks.