SVN on DreamObjects

Hi, we were using an svn ( from dreamhost Goodies) on dreamhost, the size stating to get biger and biger, we have been asked by dreamhost to move it to dreamObjects .

They moved the files but they didn’t change the svn configuration.

How can i setup the svn so it work back ? i’ve found nothing about a case like that so i’m asking here for help ! :slight_smile:

Our team can’t work as svn is broken, that’s quite a problem :-/

Thanks !

edit : forgot to mention that the server is returning an error 500 ( internal error ) in either the web page and for a simple “svn info svnPath”


I found your open ticket, and I’ll add some notes for the team that handles high disk usage. There is no practical way to setup DreamObjects to run your subversion on that I’m aware of. For it to be hosted on your shared webserver, the files would need to be local. I’ll see what I can do about getting that decision reversed.

What can help though, and it would require starting the repo over from scratch, is to keep static binary files and large files that don’t change or need to be in revision control outside of svn, and keep them in DreamObjects instead. This way the svn repo will just contain data that needs to change like source code, and all static resources can be in DreamObjects or elsewhere. Another good reason to do this is that svn keeps a revision history of all those binary and large files too, when perhaps that info isn’t needed.

We’ll get back to you via the support ticket with more details.

Hey, thanks for you answer,
problem is :

  • it’s a big project and we need to keep the data toogether
  • we need to keep some history ( at least last year / 6 months ) i don’t know if it’s possible to remove some history to make it lighter, but that’s something we are ok with. But we can’t start the svn fully from scratch as you can imagine.

We can remove side svn’s that take some space too.

We are ok to pay a bit more to be able to keep that svn up ( we are ok with the DreamObject pricing )

I think the main reason the team contacted use was our big backup of raw data for the project that was static data outside the svn ( around 900gig ) but still on the same storage, we removed that and moved to local backups

thanks again for your reply, and i hope we can sort this quickly so our team can continue working