SVN Down?


i’m an user of SVN and i’m having the following error from some days ago:

OPTIONS OF: '’: Could not read status line:
connection was closed by the server (http://svn.

Please help.

This is similar to a bad_httpd_conf error in terms of what’s exactly going on, on the Apache’s end. There’s some type of misconfiguration on the web servers end and generally a new push of the httpd.conf file will fix this.

My suggestion would be to, in your panel, go to:

Goodies -> Subversion -> Edit -> Update Settings

Wait, about 15 minutes and see if it fixes it.

Same problem here, on all of my projects, and also on any newly created repositories. Don’t know if it’s a universal problem or specific to certain accounts.

my svn still works fine – at least i can browse it over http.

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