SVN commit error - out of disk space?

I’m using the dreamhost SVN for quite a few projects and this evening i’m getting the following error when trying to commit some changes:

svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: Can’t create directory ‘/home/subblue/svn/myproj/db/transactions/74-1.txn’: No space left on device

My disk quota is showing only 180.555 MB (0.7%) usage, so what is going on? Anyone else having problems with SVN at the moment?

This is quite urgent as I need to launch a site tomorrow using this particular SVN project :0

Panic over, seems to be working all fine again now - strange.

I’m having the same issue. Does anybody know what fixed it and how one can fix it when the problem happens again? I noticed it took several hours for your issue to be fixed…