Suspicious files...?‏


I use FileZilla for uploading files to my website. Ever since the great connection issue in February 2013 (as far as I remember) there are now some files showing up on the FileZilla window I’ve never seen before or they’ve never been there before.

This is what I’m talking about:

.) Is this the result of a hacking attack/attempt?
.) Are those files provided by DreamHost?
.) What’s their meaning?
.) Can I simply delete them and will this have an impact on my website?

Thanks in advance!

Those files are created automatically by DreamHost when a user is created — I’m not sure why you wouldn’t have seen them before. They control the default environment and allow customization for shell users.

You can delete them if you like. Unless you are using SSH to log into your account, you will see no effects. They will likely show back up later, though.

Thanks for the quick reply, Andrew! This helps me a lot :wink:

The OP probably had “show hidden files” or whatever filezilla calls that option turned on/off before.