Suspending accounts at 1am

It would be really awesome if I paid my bill on time, I know. But sometimes a hundred things at once happen and you miss that one email that says, “in suspension.” Or you don’t realize it.
But then, come 1 - 2 am on a Saturday or a Sunday, the account goes into suspension and I have to wake up and fix the problem. It would be so much better, if during the weekend, service became very degraded around you know, 9 am. So that the site was still working, but just really slow.

An account has to remain overdue for 60 days before it even gets to the suspension stage.

Yeah, no, not happening. We don’t have anything set up to slow down customer sites on purpose, and we aren’t going to install one just for suspended customers. That seems like a kind of passive-aggressive way of letting people know that, anyway. :slight_smile:

As sXi mentions, we send you quite a few email notifications that your account is about to be suspended, and we make efforts to call you on the phone as well. If you didn’t receive any of these notices, please make sure that your contact information with us is up to date here: